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For Film, TV, Orignal Series and On Demand

Whether it’s a short film, feature, or animated which is perfect for TV, Netflix, Hulu or the movies, our pitch team has the relationships built to introduce your project to the right people. We network with and maintain relationships with the right people who share exactly what they are looking for to place in front of a large audiance. Is your project the right project? We will know!

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The Pitch

A team of dedicated executives will review your project and help you to frame your project for the best possible presentation to executives looking for new projects. 

At major conference around the country, our extensive connections coupled with our extensive and well respected industry team can package your project your project and pitch to the best in the business. 

FILM, TV, Content

The Pitch

The power of Moovee Pitch is in the name. We “Pitch” your project. Yes, we sell. Yes, we make connections and yes, we are driven to get your content in front of the right people. 

Original Series

Netflix, Hulu, and other on-demand services require fresh new content for their original series. Just like network television, the survive by offering content that is exclusive to them. If you have this content, let us work the deal for you.



With over 200 television stations and online streaming apps, all networks are consistently looking for content to replace, fill or compete with their competitors. Moovee Pitch has their ear. 


The Entry

We work with multiple film festivals around the country and Internationally including ours. Those festivals look to us to select a few films to place in over 200 festivals that fit their need. 

Reality TV


Many of the conferences we attend like the  RealScreen Summit is built for original series pitch opportunities. Our connections and relationships are built to offer opportunities for your project.

Social TV

Online Streams

With the rise of social TV such as Facebook, Instagram TV and more, we have the power to not only help place your brand but also pitch your brand to advertisers who will support your project through product placement. 
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What People are Saying

“A Great Find”

“a very patient and attentive team of experts who really care about what they pitch.”



“Every porject goes to them from now on. It’s a team within my team of teams. “

J. Bloom

“successful experience”

“Quick evaluations, quick and witty sharp team with excellent advice and support.”

E. Brown


“..One stop and one heack of a team. Excellent ad revenue for product placement.”

M. Steinway

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