The Team

Our team of advisors and entertainment consultants each bring a specific talent to the pitch process. From presentation to distribution, we take pride in each step and every level of service that we offer.

Nancy McBride

Exec Pitch

Nancy is now the go-to Casting Director for everything from Film, Commercials, Infomercials, and Industry videos. Her clients have included the likes of Campus Crusades, MTV, CMT, Bass Pro Shop, Super Nanny, NASA, ESPN, C Media/HBO Casting, Atlas Films/Dr. G Medical Examiner, Jordan Direct, and many more.

Nancy McBride


Nancy McBride has a natural gift for recognizing talent. It was no surprise years ago when from her own experience as a parent of gifted child actors she founded a support group for parents Kid Kasting. She soon became an authority, serving as an advocate for parents with kids in the industry. That lead her to the role she loves today, as a Casting Directing to both children and adults.

Gene Culver

Licensing & Revenue

Gene Culver brings music licensing and product placement revenue opportunities to the Moovee Pitch team. He specializes in all music placement and licensing and works with the pitch team to sell projects to distributors. 

Legal Team

Contract & Agree

Through the pitch, our team is guided by a legal team for each client project to assure that we are in compliance. This advice is also shared with you to assure that your project meets all legal requirements.   


Film Distribution

Our distribution team is 100% focused on getting your film placed. They do absolutely nothing else but work on relationships, looking at mandates and preparing for the distribution of your project. From TV to V.O.D.

The Offer

Accept or Reject

We are here to represent you not the companies. You always have the option to accept or reject the offers received. If accepted, you could generate thousands of dollars for your project or the right to make it a final production.

Financial Projections

A Deal Killer

One of the first items reviewed is the cost of production. Understated or overstated can kill the deal. Most producers don’t know how to price a project correctly. Our team does. Right down to the exact numbers that translate to the executives that you know what you’re doing!