The Pitch

The pitch starts with a review that guides you in the right direction

The pitch starts with a review consultation

Have you ever noticed that many of the shows and movies have the same producers, directors and production teams? Why is this? Trust! The distributors of content for film and TV are used to a certain level of expertise.  Some of those experts, producers, and curators of content are on our team and we have access to them to review our content before it’s presented to the networks.

Before the pitch and maybe before you write the script, it’s suggested that you allow our team of project experts to complete a review. The review is essential and the key to determining if you have a project that the market (TV, Film, Online) is looking for at this time. Also, what potential budget is required for the project and how to obtain the right funding. Nothing sets off red flags more than a presentation sent to executives that are not in the correct format with the correct line item budgets.

During the review process, we have been able to share the tweaks with countless clients that can make your project more relevant for potential placement. This TV and FIlm evaluation arms you and us, if we are hired to pitch your project, with the data and presentation Intel to give you the best chance to succeed.


  • Script, Sizzle Reel, Concept, Category and Funding possibilities all evaluated.
  • Direction on what steps to take to prepare the project
  • How to obtain funding and product placement funds for your project
  • Casting options and obtain the best team for your project


Start with the review